Monday, 11 April 2016

Draft Evaluation 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

For the photographs I used the Canon 1100D it produced the best image. The test images I took with it were impressive with great quality and a crisp look. The impressive images indicated that I should use the camera for my final photo shoot which will be crucial to the success of my magazine because if the images are poor customers will not want to buy the magazine. I had to find the right settings to get the right look I wanted and I also decided I could get a better picture by taking it portrait for the cover page so there is less white space wasted.

Lighting and other
For some of my pictures I used artificial lighting to get the best effect and light the subject nearly perfectly. I used two or three light boxes depending on the effect I was going for. I used a white background to make the models stand out more on the front of the magazine and to make it easier to cut the subject out from the background in Photoshop.

I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CC to make my magazine. My photo editing skills were definitely improved by the continued use of the program and I got better and faster. I learnt how to cut out pieces of images such as people with different tools; how to use layers; how to improve how pictures look and using fonts the right way. I learnt how to use nearly all the tools on offer and feel like I improved on what I knew before I started this project.

Online sites and other programs
I used many different websites and programs to produce my magazine. Firstly I used Blogger to create my coursework blog where I put everything I have done and used as well as research to show in an easily accessible way. I used iMovie to make a pitch for my magazine which I had not used properly before so it was very educational using it. I uploaded my pitch to YouTube, I had never uploaded or used YouTube from the creator end before so this was a good learning curve. I used Google to find images and research as well as finding fonts with Google Fonts or 1001 Fonts. Finally I used UK Tribes which was brilliant for helping me work out which groups to target and which not to.

Pictures of me using the studio to take photos

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