Saturday, 9 April 2016

Draft Evaluation 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The publishing aspect of media creation is one of the most important parts it arguably makes or breaks a media creation such as a film, magazine or video game. The distribution of my magazine should be to the right audience so that it is a success and it gets return customers. In my opinion what defines good distribution is if the magazine has a wide reach, sells a solid amount of magazines (this also depends on the quality of the magazine) and it professionally deals with any problems. My magazine would be distributed online and as a physical artefact, I would sell most of the magazines online and as subscriptions however I would also have a smaller amount in shops. In my opinion smaller magazines have a larger reach if they are online as well in online market places that is why I am choosing to only have the magazine in a limited amount of stores.

The companies that I could use to distribute my magazine are Time inc UK (formerly IPC media), Meredith, Bauer Publishing and many more. I would choose IPC media because they have a rich history in successfully distributing magazine and more specifically music magazines such as NME which is a very successful music magazine, this shows they have experience in the music magazine industry and are a huge company publishing magazines in general with them selling over 350 million magazines a year. A majority of the magazines they produce make money from the adverts inside them, this is how they would fund making the magazines and the route I think I should go down to get my magazine out there. I believe IPC is the best choice for my magazine as they are so successful they should in turn make my magazine successful by distributing it the right way. They already have experience with the genre my magazine is (NME) so they should not have too much trouble distributing it the right way to make my magazine as popular and successful as I would like it to be. In conclusion I would at this point want IPC to distribute my magazine.

Bauer Media is another possible for publishing and distributing my magazine, they distribute over 300 magazines and their parent company the Bauer Media Group are the biggest privately owned publisher in Europe. The sheer volume of magazines they produce shows they are successful and could be fantastic for distributing my magazine. An example of the magazines they produce is Q magazine which is a popular music magazine which is similar to my magazine. This shows they have experience in making music magazines in a similar genre to my magazine 'The Vine' which gives me confidence that they would make my magazine successful.

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  1. Charles, try and be more specific - what does distributing it the right way actually mean? Consider WHERE you magazine would be available from (is it a physical only artifact or will it be downloadable) and HOW customers would access it (subscription, delivery, shops etc)