Saturday, 16 January 2016

Language Register

Different styles and genres of magazines make different language register decisions. For example a magazine directed at a younger hip-hop audience would be more colloquial, use more slang and possibly use phrases only their target market would understand. The 'Vibe' magazine would be a great example of this as it is directed at a younger audience. However if the magazines target audience is a little older like 'DIY' the language will be more formal and civilised as an older audience is more comfortable with more text which leads on to talking about the size of the text; the text in a more civilised magazine such as 'DIY' would be smaller as they would need to fit more in. As you can see below 'DIY' has more writing in it's articles than 'Vibe' which is in a larger font which means there is less writing, this is because it is directed at a younger audience who do not like reading long articles. As you can see 'DIY' goes for a simplistic design because it's audience is more into civilised design. 'Vibe' is still using a stylish design but it has a few more features that are more eye catching to grab the readers attention. I have decided I am going to adopt a minimalistic design with a relatively formal tone, I will include a few phrases or words which the target market can relate to as well to make the magazine seem more familiar.

VIBE double page spread
DIY double page spread

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